How To Do Place Your Bed For Good Feng Shui & Why It Matters?

The bed is considered the essential piece of furniture in your house since it represents you. The bed should be arranged by the feng shui concept known as the dominating posture.

It is ideal to position your bed in the room so you can see the entrance to the bedroom even while you are sleeping in it.

And you do not want to position yourself in such a way that you are facing the entrance doorway to the building. This is something you want to avoid doing. The bed should be positioned such that it is perpendicular to the entrance to the room.

You will find the definitive guide to bedroom feng shui in this article. It consists of a discussion illustrating good and terrible feng shui bed placement and a list of feng shui regulations.

Tips For Feng shui bed placement 

Begin your exploration of feng shui anywhere you choose, but don’t skip the bedroom! Always try to position the bed, so it has the finest potential feng shui if this is feasible.

There are a few solutions available if it is impossible. I strongly recommend that you try to position it in the most optimal manner possible and choose to adjust it only if you have no other choice. 

The following are some suggestions on how to arrange your bed so that it has excellent feng shui:

1. Position Of Authority

Regarding feng shui, we believe that the bed should be placed in a dominating position. There should be a view of the bedroom door from your bed when you sleep.

You do not want to be in the way of anybody entering or leaving the building at any time. In general, the bed should be placed diagonally from the entryway.

It’s understood that this is not achievable in all circumstances. In the end, there is still a chance. Correcting the bed using a mirror may be done without being in the commanding position. Put a mirror in your bedroom so you can see the door’s reflection while lying in bed at night.

2. Doorway Positioning for A Comfortable Sleeping Environment

In addition to the dominating position, there are additional considerations to consider while positioning your bed regarding the bedroom doors.

In addition, you don’t want doors opening straight onto the bed’s surface. Avoid pointing your feet out the door. When you’re in this posture, you’re commonly referred to as a “coffin.”

There are options if the only place you can put your bed is next to a door. In the middle of the room, you may place an eye-catching crystal ball to improve the flow of energy in the room.

3. Placing The Headboard Against A Wall

Your bed’s headboard must rest against a stable, non-moving wall. It indicates your back is supported. Some folks set their beds in the center of a room, whether it’s just a headboard or even the whole bed. It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need a solid back wall to hold you up.

Placing The Headboard Against a Wall

In the second place, if possible, stay away from having windows behind your head when sleeping. It is extremely critical if you’re on the ground level or have vision problems. ‘ Always have a strong back wall to lean on.

4. Keeping The Mattress Away From The Wall Of Ohe Toilet

The wall of the toilet should not be shared with your headboard. A wall with the toilet on the opposite side of it should be avoided at all costs. Toilets on the opposite side of a wall from your head are unsanitary.

Alternatively, a mirror may be placed above and behind the bed to create an illusion of a larger space. Remove the toilet by using this method.

5. The Bed Has Plenty Of Room On Both Sides

It is advised that parents provide some space on both the left and right sides of the bed for their children to move about.

Ideal dimensions for this item would be at least 18 inches on each side. It is not a good idea to position your bed such that one side is up against a wall.

The Bed Has Plenty Of Room On Both Sides

Your yin and yang may be balanced, and there is enough room for each partner on either side (or future partner). Try to leave some room on the wall if this isn’t feasible.

In addition, you may hang a mirror on the wall next to your bed. As a result, one’s perspective on energy might be broadened. Having a bed against the wall is OK for youngsters since it provides some support.

6. Scaffolding With Sloped Ceiling Beams

As far as location goes, you don’t want to have any rafters, rafters, or sloping ceilings over your bed. Architectural elements above the bed might put undue strain on the body.

Scaffolding With Sloped Ceiling Beams

If you can’t avoid it, you can always drape a cloth over the ceiling feature to hide it. Depending on the size of the beam or soffit, it may be feasible to paint the feature to match the ceiling. Because of this, places with low ceilings are not as oppressive.

7. List Of Good And Bad Feng Shui Bed Positions

To get excellent feng shui while putting your bed, keep these things in mind:

  • Place your bed in a dominating position, or use a mirror to fix it.
  • Inspect doors to ensure they don’t open directly in front of the bed. You may use a crystal ball to remedy any inevitable problems.
  • A strong wall should support the headboard.
  • The toilet wall should not be on the opposite side of your bed.
  • Open up both sides of the bed for the adults in the house to sleep comfortably.
  • To minimize the influence of the above-the-bed structures, you should avoid them altogether or attempt to cover them with a cloth.

Why Does Feng Shui For Bed Placement Matter, Anyway?

It is more vital to have proper sleep hygiene to have a good night’s sleep than to have the bed facing in the right direction.

There is not a single piece of data that can be considered conclusive to support the assumption that you should face your bed in a certain direction. Feng shui, on the other hand, suggests that you should face your headboard in the direction of the south.

Small Room Feng Shui Bed Location

To begin, position your bed so that it is centered against the wall that receives the most natural light. (In most cases, it’s the wall facing the entrance.) Creating symmetry in the arrangement of your tiny bedroom by positioning your bed in the middle will allow you to make the most of the available space.

There will be enough for you to crawl beneath the bed from the left and right. If you have the space, include two nightstands in the room.


In a perfect world, positioning your bed in the middle of the room’s longest wall would be the optimal spot. Regarding feng shui for a tiny bedroom, Seidlitz suggests that furniture and decorations be arranged in pairs whenever possible.

When picking and arranging items, remember that you will need two nightstands, two table lamps, and two bedside crystals. It will result in a sense of symmetry and balance being created. I hope you find this article on feng shui bed placement principles helpful and interesting.

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